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As one of Australia's leading contractors in the application, training and management of shotcrete, Stratacrete lends its services to all industries that have a calling for shotcrete and all associated services.

Stratacrete is available for  shotcrete application, consultation and management to any industry clientele and is happy to provide quotations and or evaluations at request. 

Stratacrete is more than accommodating when it comes to site visits or to meet with technical representatives who wish to move forward with quality shotcrete in any operation both surface and underground.

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Stratacrete Pty Ltd

Head Office
Research & Development 
PO Box 1073 Cleveland  QLD  4163
P:  07 3206 0892
F:  073206 0891


Accounts Payable & Payroll
PO Box 1073  Cleveland  QLD  4163
P:  0419 701 074
F:  07 3206 0891


PO Box 1073 Cleveland  QLD  4163
P:  07 3206 0892
F:  07 3206 0891


Western Australia Operations
StrataCrete & Shaftlining Australia
Matt Calderwood
M:  0448 975 220