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Stratacrete P/L maintains a fleet of robotic placement equipment with the capabilities of reaching extended height, distance and overhang. These systems are stringently maintained, safe and operated by highly trained personnel with experience in a wide range of civil applications. From past experience our clients have been able to redesign works around the capabilities of our systems allowing for efficient and cost effective alternatives to their operations. Some of the advantages of these systems reduce the need for cherry pickers, scaffolding and formwork on many of our jobs.

Stratacrete and its associates are able to offer a wide range of services from technical support, testing, training, design, application, operations management and more.  Stratacrete has a long history of working in severe conditions, overcoming the most complex of logistical issues.

Stratacrete specializes in the application of steel and plastic fibre reinforced shotcrete (fibrecrete). This experience can enable projects to reduce the use of mesh in many areas. With the support of a wide range of suppliers and our buying power through our diverse operations we are able to help and deliver the right product for the right specifications.

Stratacrete has a strong commitment to research and development, bringing new and innovative solutions to the industry at large. Our commitment and involvement in this area is global and has proven to be a great asset for our clients.

Training is high on Stratacrete priorities and our in house training is second to none. Stratacrete is also backed by an RTO and has a very comprehensive training package available for delivery to our clients. These training packages are in line with national accredited competencies and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Stratacrete runs Hydroscaling systems on most of our machines; this allows our operators to be meticulous with surface preparation and once reduces the need for our clients to hire more than one system to complete the job.   

Our Hydroscaling systems have the capability of spraying water to pressures of up to 10,000 PSI. The nozzle is mounted on the same robotic boom as the spray unit and can utilize the same height specifications. In civil application it has proven to be beneficial in preparation of pile excavations and batters, this gives the best possible chance of adhesion to the surface being sprayed, ensuring an extremely high quality bond.
Some selections of our equipment allow us to separate the pumping unit from the spraying unit making it easier to access tight work spaces such as shafts, this reduces the need of hand spraying allowing for better compaction, tidier job with less labour and it expedites the process.


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PO Box 1073 Cleveland  QLD  4163
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F:  07 3206 0891


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