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Stratacrete P/L is a leading mining and civil shotcrete contractor specializing in robotic placement for both underground and surface operations throughout Australia and selected international markets.

Our reputation is built on consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations and raising the standard for our clients across all our operations, from mining to civil..

We deliver....

Our people have the skills, experience and vision to respond to project challenges. Through ingenuity innovation and simply thinking outside the box, we deliver successful outcomes for our clients and the industry at large.

With openness, honesty and respect for the values of others, we strive to make a difference in all areas of our operations. 

We recognize, support and harness the diverse talents of our people, our organization, our associates and allies. Together we get results. We delight in sharing these results for optimum performance.

We take a disciplined, professional approach to every project. Our commitment to deliver sets us apart.

Our intense regime of quality control and stringent inspection process ensures the highest standard of application and training known to the Industry.

2017 QAQC
2017 QAQC

As part of our People, Planet, Profit approach to business, we aim for excellence - in workplace health and safety, environmental management, community relations, research and development. Ensuring sustainability is about ensuing a future for our people their families and the communities they live in.

We are passionate about giving our people and others in the industry the appropriate learning tools to ensure a stringently safe and high quality outcome for all applications.

Research and Development:

We are committed to developing better and more efficient systems and techniques that would promote all of the above goals.



Managing Director

CEO and Managing Director:                 Alby Loncaric

Certified EFNARC Examiner.

30 years of concrete and shotcrete experience. Commenced concrete pumping and spraying in 1982. Sprayed at various mines including Enterprise Mine, Argyle Diamond Mine, North Parkes , Elura and McArthur River; also sprayed in coal mines and civil projects  . Sprayed refractory concrete for Kiln lining.

Set up independent shotcrete contracting business (StrataCrete) in 1997.Experienced in shotcrete project justification and implementation, operations review and audit, shotcrete training, research and development.



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Stratacrete Pty Ltd

Head Office
Research & Development 
PO Box 1073 Cleveland  QLD  4163
P:  07 3206 0892
F:  073206 0891


Accounts Payable & Payroll
PO Box 1073  Cleveland  QLD  4163
P:  0419 701 074
F:  07 3206 0891


PO Box 1073 Cleveland  QLD  4163
P:  07 3206 0892
F:  07 3206 0891


Western Australia Operations
StrataCrete & Shaftlining Australia
Matt Calderwood
M:  0448 975 220