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Stratacrete operates a range of equipment for specialist and general shotcreting needs to the mining industry. Our equipment utilizes robotic booms mounted on highly mobile and compact carriers, together with high output concrete pumps. All spray units are remotely operated and have a 360° rotating heads with telescopic booms.

Stratacrete’s spray nozzle has a mixing chamber for air and accelerator to be injected into the flow of shotcrete ensuring maximum blending of all components. This increases the mixture velocity through the nozzle tip resulting in a reduction in rebound, better bonding and increased in-place compaction.
Stratacrete have spray units that can be detached from the pump unit for operations in hazardous or difficult to access areas. Stratacrete also possess the only diesel powered fully self contained Robotic shotcrete machine with both QLD and NSW coal approvals.

A strong emphasis is placed on competence, experience and training of all employees of Stratacrete. An underground supervisor and a men and materials transporter, which is refitted to meet site requirements, support each spraying team.

These highly mobile shotcrete crews are overseen by experienced shotcrete supervisors. Stratacrete supervisors are certified work place trainers and assessors, which combined with our comprehensive training program allows Stratacrete to remain at the forefront of application within the industry.

All site personnel regardless of stature are trained in the following as a minimum:

  • First Aid.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Concrete Technology

This infrastructure of experienced personal has provided Stratacrete with not only current best practice methodology, but also a training program based on many years of experience in shotcrete application in mining and tunneling projects.


Stratacrete has developed a strong Quality ethic throughout its operations. Stratacrete maintains and promotes a Quality Management and Operations Management System for all its projects.The Stratacrete Quality Management System has been audited and meets the requirements of the International Quality Standards AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008.

The Quality management plan can be adapted to meet individual client and site requirements and as such Stratacrete derives from the parent Management Plan, a site specific plan when long term contracts are undertaken. These site based plans are designed to mesh seamlessly with the sites quality management and safety management systems.

One of Stratacrete’s divisions is a contracting organization. In respect of Quality Assurance, its success is dependent on its ability to meet its obligations under the terms and conditions of the contracts it has undertaken as well as the levels of quality as identified and determined internally.

The Stratacrete Quality Management System is therefore concerned with:

  • Delivering operational processes in a timely and high quality manner.
  • Ensuring that it has the capacity to meet the requirements of any contractual obligations.
  • Continuous training and development to ensure that there is consistency and continuity in the quality of service provided.
  • Meeting the requirements of our customer's and StrataCrete quality standards.
  • Identifying incidents, which in their occurrence will or may reduce the desired levels of quality, so that investigative and corrective action may be taken to prevent the potential for recurrence.

The Management of Stratacrete is dedicated to the improvement of its operations and actively encourages all staff and employees to participate in the continuous improvement and process innovation.


Stratacrete is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. The company takes this obligation very seriously and has implemented a safety management system which is regularly audited for compliance. Accordingly every workplace is examined and evaluated to ensure that the correct safety rules and systems are applied and safe work procedures are being followed.

As specifically required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the individual state mining acts, this responsibility is also borne by our employees. Therefore awareness, training and the need for continuous operational review are instilled in our operators.

Specific requirements of the Stratacrete OH&S program include:

  • Compliance with Site Rules and Instructions.
  • Compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Proactive measures such as See Stop Control and Safe Behaviour Observations.
  • Engineered controls, protective equipment and safe operating procedures
  • Injury, Hazard and Incident Reporting.
  • Resolutions of Safety Concerns.
  • Injury management and rehabilitation.
  • Risk analysis and safety management.

Both the management and employees of Stratacrete are  committed to this obligation and actively promote safety as a team. This ensures that high standards are continuously maintained.   


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